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Case Studies

Some examples of work carried out by Falcon Consultancy

Falcon Consultancy Limited enjoys a reputation for sound professional consultancy services around the world.  Our clients are from the public and private sector and range from large international companies and individual clients who wish to enter the industry.

We have served as consultants, as expert witnesses, technical advisers, business advisers, and have worked hands-on to deliver our clients’ requirements. Our skills are used to provide solutions across the field of civil aviation. For further information please select an industry: -

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Our understanding of the needs of the principal users of an airport and the aspirations of airport owners and managers enables us to adopt a sharply commercial approach to the support we offer:

Liverpool Airport (UK):
For the Merseyside Councils we pioneered airport privatisation in 1989 through the sale of the airport and by defining the strategy that has made this the fastest growing regional airport in the UK.  Our Managing Director served as the MD of Liverpool Airport for four years, restructuring the airport and introducing a significant culture change.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands):
- supported Schiphol’s International Division in their bids for Aeroporti de Roma, a share holding in Malaysian Airports Berhad and the acquisition of Brussels International.  Our role was to consolidate bids and develop business plans.

Hochtief Airports (Germany):
Tunisia - supported HTA’s bid for the acquisition of Monastir Airport and the green field construction of Enfidha Airport.

Tirana - We supplied the Chief Operations Officer to assume the operational management of the airport.  The task involved the day-to-day management of the operation while putting in place the operational, customer service, ground handling and security procedures to achieve IATA service level C.

Belfast City Airport (UK):
London City Airport (UK):
Leeds Bradford Airport (UK):
-  undertook sample audit / review of safety-critical ATC and airport operations processes and procedures

Howard Airport, (Panama) :
-assessed the impact of a new road on the runway declared distances

Sikuphe International Airport, (Swaziland) :
-planning the airspace and ANS provision for the new airport

Sheremetyevo Airport, (Moscow):
an airspace review to determine the constraints on capacity as part of a master planning study

- undertook airport privatisation studies at Barbados.

Queen Alia Airport, Jordan:
Served as Expert Adviser to the International Finance Corporation, in their project to privatise the airport on behalf of the Government of Jordan.  The principal task was to optimise the design of the new terminal to meet forecast demand yet deliver viable financial performance for the Government and the Concessionaire.

Istanbul – Ataturk (Turkey):
For TAV Airports we defined the functionality of the Airport Data Base that would be needed to support the IT systems in the new terminal at Istanbul.

Yerevan Airport (Armenia):
Advised the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development upon the business development of the Cargo Terminal.

Tashkent Airport, (Uzbekistan).
Advised the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development upon the level of aeronautical fees.

Cape Town and Durban Airports (South Africa):
- expert advisers in the Mott Macdonald team in the masterplanning of the two existing airports and the evaluation of the new Durban Airport concept.

For the Saudi Government:
Undertook a study of success factors between Middle East Airports.

Istanbul - Sabiha Goken Airport, (Turkey).
Served FAROS as part of their advisory team to a Turkish, Indian and Malaysian Consortium in their successful bid for the acquisition of the Airport.
Undertook the Operational Readiness planning of the transition of the airport to the new owners.  The task involved:
Due diligence studies
Planning Culture  Change Management;
Conducting HR due diligence;
Transferring staff including job evaluation and competency analysis.
Preparing a strategy for the recruitment and development of new staff
Recommending a strategy for internal and external communications to ensure people engagement and performance during an intense period of transition and continued change
Recommending new systems and procedures required to align with the new business plan.
Recommending short term capacity enhancement during construction of the new terminal.
Recently, through our US Associates, Airline Capital, we have advised two major US corporations regarding their ambitions to enter the field of airport privatisation.


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Airlines – Commercial – Airline Financial Good Governance / Traffic Forecasting /Fleet Planning/ marketing / Distribution /

For US AID we undertook a study to define a viable strategy for Armenian Airlines.

Air Astana:
FCL was engaged at the concept stage of the new Kazakhstan airline and supported the shareholders in developing the strategy that has led to the successful development of it over the past 5 years.

LOT Polish Airlines
Prepared a strategic study to assist the LOT management with strategic decisions concerning the future of the airline’s low cost subsidiary.

Malev Hungarian Airlines
Prepared a rescue plan to for the airline, which has been making large losses. The plan has been implemented.

Eznis Mongolia
Prepared a business plan for Eznis Mongolia, to provide guidance for the Board on the future expansion of the airline.

Other recent clients:

  • Government of Namibia Prepared a review of Air Namibia performance. Goals were to demonstrate the airline’s contribution to the national economy and to devise ways of reducing the amount of aid from the national government. This was a project financed by the European Commission.
  • European Commission Team member of consortium with British Aerospace Consultancy Services and Cap Gemini developing a fares analysis model for the European Commission. Own responsibility was specification of revenue analysis parameters. The model is used as a key tool in implementation of European competition policy for aviation, and the scope is being extended to include North Atlantic operations.
  • Government of China
    Presented privatisation seminar to high level audience of Chinese government officials and airline managers as part of Chinese privatisation programme.
  • Government of India
    Prepared initial brief for privatisation of Indian Airlines in conjunction with ANZ Grindlays Bank, Delhi.
  • Government of Lesotho
    Carried out World Bank financed human resources audit of national airline on behalf of Government of Lesotho and briefed management and unions on the issues raised. Recommendations were implemented by the client.
  • Government of Malawi
    Developed proposals for pre privatisation restructuring of Air Malawi including fleet and network proposals aimed at commercialisation of the company.
  • Government of Swaziland
    Presented recommendations on the future of the national airline. The recommendations of the initial report were accepted. Project Manager for the implementation phase including a complete restructuring of Royal Swazi eliminating large operating losses.
  • Swiss International Airlines
    Developed a new pricing strategy for Swiss, including, e<pricing and distribution and special segments, A major challenge has been to improve the level of expertise and commercial direction within the airline’s Revenue Management and Pricing department, including issues such as IATA affairs, general company conditions and irregularity procedures. This is taking place in an environment where the two airlines of Switzerland have been merged and are seeking to establish a secure commercial niche.
  • Ghana Airways
    Prepared survival plan for Ghana Airways including financial projections and recommendations on product strategy. Specific proposals for USA route quickly produced a financial turnaround of $1 million per month in the context of a company with $70 million annual revenue.

Airline Start-ups:
Over the years, FCL has undertaken numerous airline start-up studies on behalf of potential investors.  Often we have discouraged the initiative but, where we have demonstrated a potential opportunity, success has followed, typically Air Astana in Kazahstan.

Airlines Cargo Development, marketing, Operations

 Istanbul’s second airport – Sabiha Gocken
FCL developed a strategy to attract a wider air cargo market in competition with Ataturk Airport.  Also developed a strategy to cater for the growing flows of Russian ”unaccompanied baggage” freight.

Hecny Transportation (Hong Kong)
major private transportation and logistics company $1 bn turnover.

  • Performance management of the UK team and the exit management of a poor performing GM.
  • Establishment of profitable business partnerships in: Italy; the Czech Republic; Hungary and Poland.
  • Developing a strategy to grow their wholly owned GSA company Intercontinental Air Service Ltd.

Global Supply Systems Ltd. (UK)
A UK registered cargo airline with four B747 freighter aircraft which operates all the British Airways long haul freighter services.
Developed and implemented a diversification and strategy.

Jet Airways (India)
Jet Airways started their first operation in May 2005 to Heathrow from Mumbai
Although previously unknown in the market we set up their cargo business in the UK securing a 30% market share in the first three months operations against long established carriers of British Airways; Air India and Virgin Atlantic. Market share on Mumbai is now around 28% and on Delhi it is over 40

Also set up their handling and sales set up in New York and Brussels in anticipation of starting routes to those two destinations.

Air Logistics(UK & USA) - Air Logistics is major European and US GSA company specialising in cargo sales.
Provided market and sales access analysis.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo (UK & USA)

  • Carried out a full commercial review of the Virgin Atlantic business in the UK and Hong Kong. making recommendations that have resulted in a reduction of expenditure in excess of £1m pa.
  • Undertook a customer and market analysis in the UK and US markets to enable the sales forces to understand their markets and to implement a focused and more successful sales plan.
  • Participated in preparing the bid proposal to carry out the sales function for the new start up airline in the US Virgin America.
  • We continue to serve as mentor and coach to the Director of Cargo on an ad hoc basis.

Olympic Airlines.
Cargo business development study

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Aircraft Manufacturers

We supported Rockwell Collins in the development of ACARS functionality.

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Air Traffic Service Providers

We provided performance analysis and advice to Eurocontrol in the development of key performance indicators for airport air traffic service providers.
FCL played a leading role in introducing major airlines to Eurocontrol’s vision of a cellular approach to a new ATC communications technology.

Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
HR Audit for the NCAA and written report detailing the changes necessary to be recognised as an international, safe Authority. Activities included a SWOT analysis of the HR function and an assessment of current HR management. A  training needs analysis and assessment of staff capacity and capability. Compared  the HR functions in other Civil Aviation Authorities with Nigeria.

Istanbul, Sabiha Gokcen Airport (Turkey)
Undertook an aerodrome safety audit as well as a review of the ATC operation, the ATC and navigation equipment and, airspace environment.

Leeds Bradford Airport (UK)
We undertook a sample audit / review of safety-critical ATC and airport operations processes and procedures at Leeds Bradford International Airport.


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For the European Union, we undertook a European air fares study.

Together with Air Eurosafe, we developed for EASA the Part M aircraft maintenance rules applicable to the member states of the EU in respect of non-commercial aircraft.

For the Government of Sri Lanka we reviewed and recommended amendments to the Civil Aviation legislation consequent upon the privatisation of Air LankaWe recommended a programme of restructuring of the Nigerian CAA to bring sharper focus to air safety oversight.

Safety regulatory expert support to the Eurocontrol SRU in the EC-funded Aviation Safety & Air Traffic Control II project in the Balkan States

The development of Implementing Rules and associated material to support the EC’s Single European Sky Regulation on Interoperability

The development of ESARR Advisory Material for the Eurocontrol SRU to assist States in the correlation of ESARR requirements with those of the ICAO Annexes

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Trade Associations

For four years, Falcon Consultancy's MD served as the part-time Director General of the British Airport Services and Equipment Association, leading the members on missions and to exhibitions around the world to promote their airport products.

He is currently a Board Member of British Association of Airport Consultants and the Air transport Action Group of IATA.


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Military Aviation

FCL played an early role in the preparation of bids for the provision of contracted services to the Royal Air Force for the supply of all aircraft ground handling.

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Pudong International Airport, (China):
Served on the panel for the evaluation of bidders for the new airport’s extensive IT systems.

British Airways’, Speedwing Consultancy:
Undertaken a wide range of assignments under the banner of consultancy arm, Speedwing.  We assumed the responsibility for developing their airport IT systems and airport technical support businesses in Africa, Asia and Europe.

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Many studies have been completed evaluating trading prospects for proposed new hotel developments and investment in existing properties.   These have required detailed analysis of competitive hotel performance, projections of demand growth, identification of future competitive developments and detailed rooms revenue modelling.   Recent locations have included, Heathrow, Brentford (West London), Birmingham, Cambridge, Berwick and Blackpool.

During 2007, 2008 and 2009 a number of public sector projects have been carried out to help tourism and planning authorities in the assessment of the future need for hotel development to satisfy demand over the next 5-10 years.   These have included the assessment of the impact of major public and private sector investment projects on future hotel demand.   These have been carried out in Sheffield/Rotherham/Doncaster, S E Wales and N E England.

In the face of increasing competition and the reduction of incoming US visitors to Shannon the team has worked with the management teams of a number of established luxury hotels in the west of Ireland to review their marketing strategies and develop effective and efficient marketing action plans.

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