Aviation consultants - Falcon Consultancy  
consultancy services and support
to the civil aviation industry.


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Company Registration in UK: 22 August, 1996
Number: 324 1034

Welcome to Falcon Consultancy

With its teams of dedicated aviation consultants Falcon Consultancy Specialises in providing consultancy services and support to the civil aviation industry and associated fields e.g hotels and tourism. Covering many projects from planning and financial management to aircraft inspection and safety audits.

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Falcon Consultancy offers business and technical solutions across a wide range of sectors in the aviation industry, typically:Airports, Airlines, Air Traffic Managers, Manufacturers and Service Vendors and also Hotels and Tourism.

  • Our experienced and professional team of consultants bring hands-on experience having served as senior managers in the industry, and also a wealth of experience from their consulting activities and the professional training they have undertaken.
  • Where we are unable to identify the skill required to address and issue from within, our long standing associate companies can invariably provide the necessary support.

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Managing Consultant: Chris Preece
Email: info@aviation-consultancy.com
Phone: 01425 471145 Mobile: 0788 5223099
Fax: 01425 471145